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About Galaxies3D

All the images and videos in the Galaxies3D website are screen images and animations captured from the Galaxies3D Windows program / application. You can explore all the views and scenes presented in the website more fully using the Galaxies3D program. You can also create your own Galaxies3D datafiles and scenes. Give the Galaxies3D program:

and the Galaxies3D program does the rest. Its reads the above input data from plain text files (click here for more information on Galaxies3D datafiles) that can be easily edited.

The Galaxies3D program is free software and can be freely distributed. Any graphic created using the program can be freely used without any attribution. That includes the graphics created with the program for this website; they can be freely used without attribution. Galaxies3D was developed using Embarcadero's object Pascal-based Delphi 10 application development software, using the "FireMonkey" multiple-platform framework.

Note that Galaxies3D is a fully portable Windows application. It runs only from inside its folder, and the folder can be placed anyware, including on a portable USB flash drive. It does not write anything to the registry and does not install other files (such as .dll files). It does not write or store anything. It does not require any "installation" to run. Simply download the zip file, unzip it to a folder, and click on the Galaxies3D.exe file in its folder to run the program (you can name the folder containg the Galaxies3D program and its datafiles to any name you want). As a portable application, Galaxies3D will not appear on any Windows menu or list of installed programs. You will have to manually create any desired shortcut to it.

Reports of any errors would be greatly appreciated! Please contact David Monyak, the author and webmaster.


Download the Galaxies3D Program

The Galaxies3D program or application is provided as a zip file. The zip file folder contains everything needed to run the Galaxies3D program or application:

The zip file is named "galaxies3d64-YYMMDD.zip" or "galaxies3d32-YYMMDD.zip" where YYMMDD refer to the year, month, and day of the version of the program and its datafiles, 64 and 32 to 64-bit or 32-bit versions of the program.

If you are unsure which version of windows you have:

This should bring up a screen with basic information about your computer, Look under "System type" for your operating system version. If you have 64-bit Windows, you should run the 64-bit version. Otherwise, run the 32-bit version.


Download the 64-bit version of Galaxies3D

Download 64-bit version of Galaxies3D (Zip file)

Download the 32-bit version of Galaxies3D

Download 32-bit version of Galaxies3D (Zip file)


NOTE: The text datafiles used by Galaxies3D use '.' as the decimal separator for numbers. The previous galaxies3d-170805 version would produce a conversion error when the program started if your Windows regional settings are set for a different decimal separator, such as the decimal comma. The galaxies3d-200624 version corrects this program error. Otherwise, there is no change in the program. In particular, the datafiles are unchanged.


Galaxies3D Program Basics

Galaxies3D List File

Galaxies3D Datafiles

Galaxies3D Bitmaps and Bitmap Parameter Files

Galaxies3D Import Utility Program

Distance Conversions Program


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