Galaxies3D List File

Galaxies3D Drop Down List

Galaxies3D Drop Down List

The Galaxies3D program's drop down list is a list of scenes or views that can be rendered by the program. Note that:


Galaxies3d LIST.txt

The Galaxies3D program reads in the list of scenes or views presented in the drop down list from a plain text file when the programs first starts, a text file named "Galaxies3D LIST.txt". Each line in the "Galaxies3D LIST.txt" file contains the name of one scene or view. The scene or view on the first line in the "Galaxies3D LIST.txt" file is the view or scene that is loaded when the program starts. This can be changed simply by editing the "Galaxies3D LIST.txt" file.

Here, for example, are the first 10 lines from the "Galaxies3D LIST.txt" file as it comes with the program:

Nearby Superclusters
Bright Stars More Distant Than 750 lys
Brightest Stars
Brightest Stars Within 1300 Light Years
Brightest Stars Within 270 Light Years
Constellation Andromeda
Constellation Antlia, Pyxis
Constellation Apus, Triangulum Australe
Constellation Aquarius
Constellation Aquila

Each scene or view listed above corresponds to Galaxies3D datafiles named "Nearby Superclusters.txt", "Bright Stars More Distant Than 750 lys.txt", "Brightest Stars.txt", "Brightest Stars Within 1300 Light Years.txt", "Brightest Stars Within 270 Light Years.txt", "Constellation Andromeda.txt", "Constellation Antlia, Pyxis.txt", "Constellation Apus, Triangulum Australe.txt", "Constellation Aquarius.txt" and "Constellation Aquila.txt", respectively. These files all reside in the same folder as the Galaxies3D program.

If you create a new Galaxies3D datafile, simply add it or insert it into the "Galaxies3D LIST.txt", so it can be displayed by Galaxies3D.


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