Carina in 3D

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The image painted on the base grid is the relevant 10,317 ly x 10,317 ly section of the NASA/JPL-Caltech Milky Way map. The smallest circle in the image is the smallest circle centered around the Sun in the NASA/JPL-Caltech Milky Way map, a circle with a radius of 750 light years. The larger arc in the image is a portion of a circle in the NASA/JPL-Caltech Milky Way map with radius 5,000 light years from the Sun. The base grid parallels the galactic plane, and lies 546 light years below the actual galactic plane.

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Carina Viewed From Earth

Constellation Carina


Carina without x Carinae in 3D


Bright Stars in the Constellations


Bright Stars and Near Stars