Nearby Superclusters

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Nearby Superclusters. In this view, the dominant rich galaxy clusters (the "A" prefix refers to a cluster's number in George Abell's catalog of rich galaxy clusters) in a supercluster are used as surrogates to mark the location of the supercluster. Note the second grid above the base grid is the actual supergalactic plane. The base grid parallels the supergalactic plane, and lies 198 million light years below the actual supergalactic plane. The image painted on the base grid is the relevant 885 Mly x 885 Mly section of the CosmicFlows map of the Laniakea Supercluster region. The CosmicFlows image is projected down from the supergalactic plane (the upper grid) onto the base grid. The axis in the grid labeled "To Virgo Cluster" points in the direction of the Sun towards the Virgo Cluster. Note however that in this view, the axis is extending well past the Virgo Cluster itself (the Virgo Cluster is the dominant galaxy cluster in the Local Supercluster).

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