Messier Objects in the Milky Way

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All the Messier objects in the Milky Way. The Messier globular clusters (red) are labeled. The non-labeled objects — the diffuse nebulae (yellow), planetary nebulae (green), open clusters (blue) — can can be viewed in more detail by clicking here. Note that the second grid lying above the base grid is the actual galactic plane where the disc and spiral arms of the Milky Way live. The image of the Milky Way (the NASA/JPL-Caltech Milky Way map) seen on the lower, base grid is being projected down from the upper grid to the lower, base grid. The base grid parallels the galactic plane, and lies 29.5 thousand light years (kly) below the actual galactic plane.

Click here for a table of the data used to generate this view.


Star Clusters and Nebulae